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I can’t wait to share one of my most exciting projects of this year! I am proud to have been picked as a @snailspacebh artist 2018! I am one of a select few of artists who have been chosen to paint a snail which will be launched across Brighton & Hove from 15th September. The Snailspace project is raising money for Martlets Hospice, so its all in aid of a wonderful cause as well.

Here’s my snail journey so far..

Here is me meeting my snail for the first time and it was love at first sight! I couldn’t wait to make her beautiful and its been a great experience meeting lots of fellow talented artists + creatives in the secret Snailspace warehouse!

For two days I have been working on my snail, she’s coming on nicely! It’s hard work but so satisfying and exciting to be working on something a totally different scale and shape I am used to.

Another day with my snail… here’s a peek at her colourful nose! She’s certainly not going to look like your average snail!!

Making great progress now on my snail. Its such a wonderful experience to be working alongside other artists and seeing how they work. It’s heads down at the moment as we all focus to make the deadline.

My snail is now finished (yay, happy dance), but she is top secret to she is revealed in her secret location when the Snailspace trail launches in September. Keep an eye on my Instagram for latest updates on our #BeMoreSnail journey. We’ll be launching a special competition for followers as well!

Find out more about the Snailspace campaign here.