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Wow 2015 is turning into such an amazing year for I Drew This, so much going on and the company is steadily growing with so many positive and exciting things in the pipeline.
An absolute highlight for me has to be being a finalist in the Henries, last year I dreamt of going, anyone can go but I decided that I wouldn’t unless I was nominated so you can imagine my absolute delight to see Mischief in the best cute nominations especially as there first illustration I did for the range was of a little Olive, what seems now like a long two years ago when I first began putting my greeting card catalogue together.
Today I found my outfit for the award ceremony, phew and now just have a couple of months of excited belly nerves about the big night to go!!
To read a bit more about the awards click here.
So those of you who have been following me since Olive arrived into my life may not have seen her for a while so I thought I would finish with a happy photo of her.
 Olive starts school in September so we have been trying to cram in as many mini holidays and special times as possible before we both start new chapters 🙂