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This summer you will find my banners around Brighton, commissioned by Brilliant Brighton.

‘The Brighton BID, which encompasses 517 city centre retail and hospitality businesses, was formed to create a thriving, safe, clean and vibrant city centre that residents and visitors want to come back to time and time again. Brilliant Brighton will focus on creating a safer environment for visitors, at the same time producing exciting artwork around the city.’

It has been amazing to see my artwork around the city I have lived in for 13 years now and I am delighted to have produced some super cool products to go with the project. They make fun gorgeous colourful souvenirs.

You can now browse and buy our new Brighton is Ace Card, Magnets (Brighton Legs, Colourful Brighton) and Coasters (Sunrise, West Pier and Seagull). Click on any of the links for more information. Tea Towels are on the way too!!

After the fun of painting my snail last year I wanted to challenge myself again and a painting to go with my banners seemed the perfect opportunity. I am so pleased with my one off painting, on sale at Present in the Laine, you can email or call Caroline on 01273 607695 for further details.

Sunrise coaster:
West Pier at night coaster:
Seagull coaster:

Legs Brighton magnet:
Colourful Brighton magnet:

Brighton is ace card: