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Saffron Selfies and Giveaway Winners Announced!

Thank you all so very much for your Saffron Snail selfies and photos over the last few weeks. There has been so many and we’re so glad you are enjoying her and the other snails on the Snailspace Art Trial.

Incase you haven’t heard our very own I Drew This snail is part of the Snailspace Art Trial in aid of Martlets Hospice. We’ve named her Saffron and she is excited to meet you (if she hasn’t already)!

To celebrate the launch we have been holding a giveaway where 3 of you who have sent us Saffron photos will be chosen to receive a selection of I Drew This goodies (yay). The giveaway is now closed and the lucky winners are have been chosen (with the help of our independent adjudicator of course)…




We have sent the winners a message and their goodies will be sent out shortly.

Although our giveaway has ended Saffron is still out in central Brighton until 18th November, so you have just over one month left to get a glimpse of her before she is auctioned for charity.

Please keep your Saffron photos coming!

You can tag us on Instagram @ilonadrewthis, you can post to our Facebook page, or you can tweet us @ilonadrewthis. Find out more and view the full route map at: ​https://www.snailspacebrighton.co.uk/art-trail/​